Body, Mind, Spirit Evolution

TRULYFIT is home of the Frank Loverro Method of health and fitness.


Frank Loverro, BA, CPT FMS, TPI



Deb Courtney, PhD, LCSW, MA


Frank has been in the physical fitness world for 20 years.  He started his fascination with the human body's ability to heal itself from a young age, as a competitive college athlete.  He expanded his knowledge with his anatomy focus during his undergraduate studies.  Upon graduation he shared his knowledge for 10 years as a high school science teacher and football coach.  For the last 10 he has been creating his own unique technique to help others heal from physical pain and discover their ideal fitness. His treatment approach integrates components of CPT, FMS and TPI therapies, and of course his intuition! 


Deb has been in the mind and spirit fitness world for 12 years. She has studied the human mind and spirituality extensively both in the classroom and out in the world.  She also was a college professor for 8 years.  Her specialties include transforming traumatic experiences into our biggest opportunities for growth, alleviating anxiety and depression, energetic balancing, boundary setting, dharma discovery and intuition development.  She is also passionate about social justice and rights for all humans and animals.  To learn more about Deb's work visit: